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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Is STILL DRINKING! Convinced She Doesn't Need Rehab!

Well, no wonder Lindsay Lohan is so bummed out about having to spend her birthday in rehab!

Hell, she'll probably be just as bummed for each one of the 90 days she's locked into a facility where she can't booze it up!

That's right!

Because even though drugs and alcohol have essentially destroyed any semblance of a life, let alone a career, that the hard-pAArtying starlet once had, she is still SO convinced that she doesn't have a substance abuse problem that mere HOURS after she plead no contest to her latest batch of probation violations, she was spotted at the bar of her hotel in Beverly Hills, knocking back multiple vodka sodas!

Furthermore, witnesses at the San Diego nightclub FLUXX saw LiLo and a friend arriving around midnight last night, and this time, she had some tricks up her sleeve!

Apparently, she sat in the VIP section in a Yankees hat and sweatshirt, drinking vodka on the rocks throughout the evening! And get this: she insisted her drank be served from a glass carafe, as to avoid being photographed near any alcohol bottles!

What a clever little deviant, isn't she?!

But hey! Whatevs!

All this just means that while she may have avoided jail this time around, she'll end up there soon enough!

At this point, we just hope it's not at the expense of anyone else's safety or well-being.

[Image via WENN .]

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