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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glee Is Ending? Ryan Murphy Lays Down The Truth About When!


Glee may not be the jaw-dropping record-breaking hit that it was in the beginning, but it's still has great ratings and AMAZING record sales!

Still, for SOME REASON, showrunner Ryan Murphy has revealed plans to end the show. WTF?

First, the golden Glee gawd admitted he was proud with the direction the fourth (and totally revamped) season is going, telling reporters:

"I've really wanted it to go on, and I wanted to populate it with new people. We did that this season, and thankfully those kids have popped. It's re-energized the show, and I think the actors are all much happier because nobody is having to work eight days a week and kill themselves. So I feel like we finally figured out how to make it work"

Then he broke the bad news:

"I think we could get another four years from this show."

FOUR? Just four more -- actually, that's not bad at all!

Sure, we'd love to see Glee go on forever like Sesame Street, SNL or Larry King 's heart. But an eight-year run for a prime-time TV show ain't bad at all.

We just need make these last four years count.

Who knows? Maybe after that if we're very, very lucky, FOX will give Lea Michele that spinoff she thought she was getting last year!

[Image via FOX]

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