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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Man Punches McDonald's Employee In The Face Over A Hot Fudge Sundae

What the fudge?

In the most recent cray cray court case to arise from an encounter at McDonald's, a Knoxville, Tennessee man tried to argue that he was completely justified for punching an employee's face in after he was served a dollar sundae with hot fudge on the bottom of the bowl.

During the Knox County Criminal Court trial over the incident, 43-year-old James Davis Wilson argued:

"The food appeared to be right, but the dessert, it had chocolate on the bottom. The hot fudge should be on top. It freezes up when you get fudge on the bottom of it. I asked them to redo it."

The violence over ice cream occurred back in February of 2010 when Assistant Manager Brad Skelton verbally defended his product and gave the unsatisfied customer his money back.

When he walked to the door to make sure the disgruntled man left (who is reportedly twice his size), he was surprised with a whopper of a knuckle sandwich.

Wilson's lawyer says the plaintiff called the man a racial slur, so his client reacted in "self-defense," but the jury who heard the theory just wasn't lovin' it. It took them about an hour to convict the aggressor with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, along with a $1,050 fine.

If this guy loves his ice cream so much that he's willing to fight for it, we recommend he shells out the extra bucks for a sundae at Cold Stone Creamery (once he pays off that fine, of course).

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