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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ABC Cancels Fred Willard's Trust Us With Your Life After Lewd Conduct Charge

Showbiz is hard and it looks like Fred Willard may have blown it. For now, at least.

Following PBS' lead, ABC has decided to pull the remaining two episodes of the comedian's improv show, Trust Us With Your Life, and replace them with more Wipeout.

The network says the decision has nothing to do with the lewd conduct charge that the show's host received two weeks ago, but it looks like he had no idea the cancellation was coming. Just last week he tweeted:

Guess ABC couldn't trust audiences to tune in to a show hosted by a guy who got caught with his pants down in an XXX movie theater.

We have to give him credit though because he's handling the situation pretty well. While joking around about the incident with Jimmy Fallon , he admitted he's very embarrassed, but still made us LOL!

Everybody makes mistakes, right?

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